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Passive Me, Aggressive You

Emily. 18. Pennsylvania. Vegetarian. Heartless.

Instagram: emilyjordannn

i was just thinking and wow. since my mother got remarried in November, that technically means i have a step-father and step-sister. 

lifes weird yo

Friday Apr 4 @ 12:21am
Thursday Apr 4 @ 07:58pm
Sunday Apr 4 @ 04:45pm
Sunday Apr 4 @ 04:43pm
Friday Apr 4 @ 10:34pm
Thursday Apr 4 @ 09:40pm
Wednesday Apr 4 @ 07:22pm

Monday Apr 4 @ 04:01pm
Monday Apr 4 @ 04:00pm
I think about you every night before I sleep. I imagine you are here with me. With one arm around me and your legs touching me then you kiss my neck and I fall asleep like that. It helps me sleep.

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Sunday Apr 4 @ 08:53pm
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